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Cilio Latteforte Chrome Handheld Milk Frother

R349.00 Incl VAT

Wacaco Exagram Compact Espresso Coffee Scale

R849.00 Incl VAT EAN: 4897066230795

Aeropress Stainless Steel Reusable Filter

R399.00 Incl VAT EAN: 085276081885

AeroPress Espresso and Coffee Maker

R1,059.00 Incl VAT EAN: 085276000855

Aeropress Compact Organizer Stand

R899.00 Incl VAT

AeroPress XL 8-Cup Coffee Maker

R1,849.00 Incl VAT

AeroPress Clear 4-Cup Coffee Maker

R1,299.00 Incl VAT

Baratza Encore Electric Coffee Grinder

R4,799.00 Incl VAT EAN: 838823000316

Bialetti Stackable Espresso Cups Set of 6

R649.00 Incl VAT EAN: 8002617028639

Bialetti Mini Express Set Magritte & 2 Cups

R1,369.00 Incl VAT EAN: 8006363030458

Bodum Kenya French Press Coffee Maker

R1,199.00 Incl VAT EAN: BD10685-01/6

Bialetti Moka Dolce and Gabbana 3 Cup

R2,199.00 Incl VAT EAN: 8006363038485

Bialetti Moka Dolce and Gabbana 6 Cup

R2,899.00 Incl VAT EAN: 8006363038492

Bodum Columbia Double Wall Coffee Press 8 Cup

R2,999.00 Incl VAT EAN: 727015330754

Hario TCA-3 Technica 3-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

R2,699.00 Incl VAT EAN: 4977642503113