Our Company History

About Cookin

From the Midlands to the sea shores of the North Coast in KZN, what a journey it has been …..

A family owned and run business with humble beginnings and big ambition, the Cookin journey began in 2010 in the heart of KZN Midlands.

Founded by a family of foodies with a shared passion for quality kitchen tools and gadgets, our goal has always been to keep abreast of international market trends and to stock authentic global and locally renowned fine kitchen merchandise.

Food awareness is larger than ever and the market for cool kitchen merchandise continues to grow massively due to shifts in age and gender.  On top of this, we are witnessing the rise of a global innovative food culture, which is changing the way in which we are experiencing food, its preparation, presentation and enjoyment.

We love connecting with our customers (a.k.a. “Foodigans”) and understanding their needs, while at the same time striving to be environmentally and eco-conscious about the products we stock.  We never stop asking – What’s Cookin? Who is Cookin it and what are they Cookin with?

We continuously research current food trends and build relationships with authentic suppliers, refining our curated recipe of fine kitchen tools and gadgets – your batterie d’ cuisine.  We hope to inspire and educate even the most inexperienced cook to invest in practical and functional kitchen tools, igniting their passion for cooking and giving them the tools to get Cookin with confidence!

Are you ready to join our Foodigan fan-club? Come on – let’s turn up the heat, let’s get inspired and let’s get Cookin!